In Which I Cause WF To Strangle Itself TO DEATH.

Hey! Isn't it AMAZING how easy it is to make a modern browser ditch its cookies for ONE site? Isn't it fantastic how quick and easy it is to get a web-based email account in mere seconds?

2 accounts on WF in, what, 10 minutes? The only way WF has of stopping me from posting there, even if only 1 post per account, is to shut down registrations pretty much entirely.

You have two options, WF:

Option 1: You stop all new registrations, cutting off the oxygen supply to the board, leaving you with nothing but an echo chamber circlejerk that eventually fizzles out, starves the board, and kills the board, or:

Option 2: Quit bein' fuckin' pussies and stop banning everybody who disagrees with you.

This is your schooling, bitches. This is the turning point where you either grow or die. And I really have no preference for which one you choose.

Oh, and by the by, don't bother puking up that, "Ehhhhhh, heeth obtheth'd!" goat shit, either. I don't fucking care. I fucking hate Commies, and WF has metastasized into a fucking tumor of Communism. I'm going to excise that bitch. Don't like it? Fucking tough shit, you can't stop me. And the harder you try to stop me, the more you're going to end up helping me. Because I play it your way. I'm going to gaslight and awaken both your members and more importantly those looking in from the outside, by letting you -- well, by provoking you -- into fucking demonstrating how intolerant and fucking fragile you are. I'm going to make you show off just how delicate you are when it comes to dissent.

And I will rain down on you all the forces of shitposting darkness until you close registrations and start banning each other until no one is left on that board. And I'll keep it up -- on WF, on FB, on Reddit, and everywhere else, until I have fucking hounded you all into assisted suicides.

I will not fucking allow fucking anti-human Communism to win, fucking ever, online or off.
Oh, I joined there as Kilroy, then as NOMFP. They banned each after one post. I'm going to be spectating along with the rest to enjoy all the hubbub over it, let that die down, then hit them again.

Over and over. Rinse and repeat. Until even they understand what's going to keep happening until they give up. Speaking of which, I'm still fucking with SDN, too. Almost 20 years later. You WF commies will never be rid of me. Ever. You may just as well surrender now and get the humiliation of letting me back in over with. :smooch:
Better watch out, Tardforge, because I guarantee at least the next 3 dozen registrations will all be me! (When I get around to them, which you won't know who's me and who isn't. I do so love NordVPN! lolololololololol) :sarek:

Also, I expect I'll drop words like "nigger" and "spic" and "kike" here and there, since you let that cross-dresser Tererun get away with it these days. ;)


I'm not wearing any panties!!
This *yawn* of a thread got more attention then either of posts combined.

And your threats might have more weight if you hadn't made the exact same one 4 years ago.

Didn't work then, won't work now.


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Also: "I'm totally over WF. Mine is the superior intellect. I won. Now watch me create an infinite number of serial duals to post there so they're forced to put someone on 24/7 to ban them."
Oh, shut up, buzzkill. Jesus. You're like an old woman who walks in on people playing a game and has some kind of Catholicism-inspired fuckin' conniption over people having fun. Either enjoy the spirit of recreation or GTFO of here with your dour, fun-killing BS.

"Mehhhhh! Mehhhhhhhhhhh, waaaaaaaaah, you're enjoying yourself, waaaaaaaaaaah, it's sinnnnnnnnnnnnful!"

This isn't the "Sisters Of Eternal Boredom" convent, Mary Margaret. Get your head on straight or fuck off.
You'll figure it out, kids. Communism does not pay. And it won't be tolerated anymore. I'm going to make your board commit fucking suicide to be rid of me. I will singlehandedly destroy either Communism on Wordforge or Wordforge itself, and thanks to the proliferation of free and easy email services and VPNs, you can't stop me.

Not only that, lol, the harder you lock down the board trying (and failing) to stop me from rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, and rejoining, the faster I will force you to kill WF. And that's exactly how it's gonna go down. Either you'll let me back in, or you will kill WF for me. You stupid fuckin' Commie faggots are gonna un-fuck yourselves or I am going to force you to fuck yourselves terminally into nonexistence as a board. And you have no fucking choice beyond those two options. None.

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I'm not wearing any panties!!
That one wasn’t me, fool. And even if it had been, today’s fun should lead you to take it more seriously, not less. But you’re just not that bright, are ya. lol
How so? It was a non event. Only a new poster even responded to it. Not even a Shelter thread about it.