Filthy Whore

Mad Arse Face
Oh good, looks like Jack pulled out one of his alts to leave stupid and unoriginal rep comments. What a masterful troll.


Forever Empress E
Somebody is getting all my internetz attention.


I think I'm okay with that.


Beats being the one everyone is being awful to.


I don't understand why FW is being abused in this fashion. True. She is younger than me. True, to many other things.

But ...

gosh darnit ...

I'm the freaking Empress around here.

No. I don't want you to go back to being ugly to me.

I just want you to spend more time posting shallow things to me, pos repping me, and being transparent and all. I like that.

Filthy Whore

Mad Arse Face
I keep hearing how I'm being mistreated but it just looks like a demented older man and his toadies flailing around like mad men. Saint Vitus dance. I'm singularly unaffected and not terribly impressed.

You're still The Empress. ;)


Shit Lord, Esq.
The best part of this whole thing, is when something goes awry... Jack gets blamed first. Usually the old man is sleeping or on his knee in the garden or playing checkers or some shit.

While there is some fuckass behind a keyboard putting their e-dick into everything, the S.O.P. is to blame Jack.

Muwaha. Muwahahaha.



Shit Lord, Esq.
Also, I find it flattering when people steal my thunder and give credit to others. I can start a movement and someone else will pick up the banner when I drop it and call it their own. I guess that's the greatest things about ideas, no?

Food for thought.

Filthy Whore

Mad Arse Face
Oh for fuck's sake, everyone's seen my tits. You said you saw my "mound of Venus", insinuating I had posted or emailed a pussy photo.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Our business is concluded as another cunt that used to post here liked to say.


beer, I want beer
You people think this place sucks? Try being at Troll Valhalla, where the Admins hijack your accounts, post your PI for all to see. It is insane over there. The Admins are out of control. People are leaving that site left and right. Now that I have left, even more will leave. I MADE that site.