The Dating Game Boss Fight...


Zombie Hunter
You know video games. You have to fight increasingly tough "bosses" before getting to the Big Boss to win the game. But sometimes the game will have shortcuts that let you skip around things and move you along to the end more quickly. Now what if dating is like that.

You can date the fat ugly chick and use that skill, confidence, and experience to move on to increasingly hotter chicks in the hopes that you can last long enough to get to, I dunno, Jennifer Aniston, from back around when she was married to Brad Pitt. Just like video games, there's no guarantee that you'll win the dating game. OR

You can just jump straight to the Final Boss. Young Hot Jennifer Aniston says she'll let you do WHATEVER YOU WANT with her--but first you've got to get it on with Brad Pitt.

Now I wanna say I'd draw the line and try to win the game the old fashioned way--with no guarantee of ever winning--but 15-30 minutes that isn't really your thing in order to instantly win the game (and believe me, if I had to do dirty things with Brad Pitt, you can't IMAGINE the stuff I'm going to do to Jennifer Aniston) is tempting. Besides, I could probably do a lot worse than 1990s Brad Pitt. Truth be told, if you lined him up against at least half the eligible women out there, I might pick him anyway. American women are increasingly obese, don't know how to cook, won't clean or do any of the traditional gender roles. The only thing they increasingly bring to the table is that they have a vagina. And apparently having a vagina is good enough for most men. *shrug*